Are Google Ads Worth It For Small Business

10 Reasons why small business should use Google Ads to generate sales or leads

You are a start-up company and recently setup a new business. You have completed all the formalities of setting up a business i.e. company registration, open a new business bank account, new premises, or setup a home office, company website etc.

You have started talking to your contact list, your family and friends, and people you know who might help you in finding the clients for your new business. Initially this will help you in spreading the word about your new venture and bring some clients on board. I would advise everyone to do these steps before you explore other ways to market your business.

This strategy will bring some business to keep you busy for some time however this may not be sustainable in the long run. After you have explored your contact list, family and friends and people you know, you may run out of ideas and struggle to find new clients consistently.

There should be a better, sustainable, and long-term strategy to grow your business regularly. I have come across lot of people in the last 15 years and 80% businesses do not have any strategy in place and they just ticking along, and do not have any marketing strategy to grow their business moving forward.

You cannot keep getting new business without having a proper system in bringing new clients. No company can grow unless they keep attracting new clients regularly. Every serious business should have some strategy in place to market and advertise their business.

There are number of ways you can start advertising your business, one of the most common is Google Ads. Either you should learn or hire a professional to advertise your services on Google.

This is one of the most popular, effective, and efficient platforms for any small business. Over 20 million advertisers across the globe advertise on Google.

There are number of reasons why you should consider advertising on Google.

1. Massive Reach
Whenever people have any question their first stop is usually Google. Google handles over 5 billion searches a day. Among those are people looking for the solution that your business may offer. If you have a solution to the people’s problem then it is highly recommended that you start promoting your business On Google.

2. Harness Intent
The main difference between the people you are reaching with Google Ads or any other forms of digital advertising is their intent. 

On social media people are not looking to be advertised to. Most of the times people on social media are for to spend some leisure time and looking at their family and friends’ pictures and get an update with their network for friends. They are looking for holiday pictures or their baby pictures and other things, but they are never looking for solutions to their problems.

However, on the other hand on Google search you are advertising to people who are looking for something specific or looking to find a solution to their problem. Advertising on Google, unless done in the right way can help you bring new business regularly and can help you expand your business in the long-run.

3. Instant and Full control
You can start running your ads instantly (within 4 hours of setting up your campaigns). The Google Ads offers you full control over all your campaigns. You can start and stop your campaigns any time and it gives you the full control.

4. Ad Schedule
You can schedule to run your ads within your working hours or if you want to turn off your ads during the weekends it gives you the flexibility to adjust date and time to show your ads. You do not need lot of resources to run your ads these can be run by a professional or anyone in your company can be trained to run the ads efficiently.

5. Location Targeting
Google Ads offers the flexibility to run your ads to specific regions i.e. specific countries, specific list of towns/cities or target within specific radius from your postcode. This feature is useful for local businesses and small businesses who operate within specific areas/regions. It helps to bring the highly qualified and relevant clicks to their business.

6. Bids and Budget
Google Ads offers the full control of bids for targeted keywords, and you can set your bid to any amount whatever you are ready to pay and can adjust it at any time. You can also set your daily budget for campaigns and adjust it any time.

7. Keyword Targeting
Google Ads gives you complete control over choosing the keywords or phrases for your campaigns. It is one of the most powerful features offered by Google Ads this gives you the flexibility of keywords that are bottom in the funnel or top of the funnel i.e. “accounting software” as a phrase term will attract relevant and targeted audience as compare to broad term accounting.

8. Devices Targeting
You can select the devices where you want to run your ads. If most of your customers are on mobiles then you can choose to advertise only on mobile devices. Google Ads offers flexibility of bid adjustments on the basis of devices. It means you can lower bids for certain devices i.e. desktops and laptops as compared to mobiles or vice versa.

9. Bidding Strategies
Google Ads offers several automated and manual strategies, and you have the full control and flexibility to choose any bidding strategy for your campaigns.

There are number of CPA (cost per acquisition) based strategies and manual bidding strategies to choose from. The advertisers can choose different bidding strategy as per their requirements and goals. The bidding strategy can also be amended at any time.

10. Measure and monitor
It is important to measure and monitor the performance of your campaigns and Google ads offers conversion tracking that needs to be installed on thank you page. This helps to track the results of your campaigns and measure the ROI of your campaigns.

You should also consider installing Google Analytics across all pages of your website. It helps to analyse the traffic you receive using Google Ads and other sources and to make informed decisions based on that.

If you are new to Google Ads or an existing advertiser and looking for any help with Google Ads then book my 60-minute strategy session via video call.

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