Google Ads Specialist

My name is Sandeep Tyagi, an experienced Google Ad specialist delivering value for money from Google Ads campaigns for my clients for more than 15 years.  

I have helped thousands of clients in the UK, US, Europe, Canada, Australia and overseas. I have worked with all shapes and sizes of businesses starting from £500 / month to £100,000 / month ad spend budget.

I also help coaching business owners, directors, CEOs, marketing managers looking to run their Google Ads campaigns profitably.

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Google Ads can be your best lead generation tool

Google ads is a powerful advertising platform for small businesses and can be your favorite tool to build and grow your business unless you know how to use properly. I have come across lot of accounts that either do not perform or their ad spend higher than their revenue.

Below are some of the reasons why their account may not perform

Why do you need a Google Ads Specialist?

There are several reasons why you may need a Google Ads specialist. Some of those are listed below

1. Reduce Waste Spend and Improve Overall ROI
9 out 10 Google Ads account waste spend on irrelevant and non-targeted clicks. This can be further used to generate qualified leads which subsequently will help increasing your overall return on investment (ROI).

2. To Generate High Quality Leads
Generating high quality leads is not a straight forward using Google Ads. I can help you bring the leads that matters you the most and convert into high paying clients by working closely and using highly effective landing pages.

3. Scale Up
Once your campaigns generating the leads for your business at some point of time you want to scale-up and increase the leads 2-fold or 5-fold but just increasing your daily budget in the same proportion may not bring you the similar results. I know how to scale up your campaigns if you are already getting the leads from your campaign.

How Can I Help You?

Google Ads is a pay per click platform where you pay for every click and the cost of advertising is going up due to the high competition. Some of the industries can cost you as much as £50 or more per click. When you are new and have no experience in running Google Ads, 9 out of 10 advertisers usually waste 20-50% of their overall ad spend.

I can help you deliver quality results from your Google Ads Campaigns. I will be focussing on the below

  • Identify the waste spend in the campaigns and remove it
  • Audit the recommendations and remove the ones does not make sense
  • Identify goals and conversion tracking issues and fix those
  • Structure your campaigns and ad groups using best practices
  • Build the list of the highly targeted keywords that bring high quality leads and remove ones that generate low quality leads or no leads
  • Add the unwanted keywords into the negative keyword list
  • Focus on highly targeted and qualified leads
  • Create the compelling ads to maximise the click through rates (CTR) and quality score

Google Ads can be an effective tool to drive high quality leads for your business consistently when done correctly. With over 15 years’ experience delivering high quality results using the proven methods and most efficient Google Ads strategy.


Why you should trust me?



The training was excellent! Just what I wanted. Sandeep is very knowlegeable on PPC and look forward to working with him again in the future . Many Thanks

Scott K. Brighton, GB

Some good insights. Thanks

Darren S. Pluguffan, FR

Excellent, worth every penny and looking forward to the next session!

Hywel L. Wales, GB

Sandeep was persistent in getting to the root cause of an Ad Account problem that I had, including getting on the phone to Google. Thank you!

Ben D. Southampton, GB

He is Great, Will definitely be using in the future.

Tariq J. Oakville, CA

what an amazing experience - Sandeep really knows his stuff and had some very good insights re how to improve all aspects of my adwords campaigns. brilliant - and i'll definietely be back with new projects.

Pete H. Cambridge, GB

Great Work, will use again, well worth checking out! Sandeep's knowledge of Google ads is very high.

Justin C. Dublin, IE

Sandeep did a terrific job. Swift, no fuss, accurate. Thank you.

Andrew F. Uxbridge, GB

Very helpful and effective with a tricky task. thank you

Elly H. London, GB

really good service and highly recommended

Jack O. Penrith, GB

Superb Job! Sandeep was on hand to advise and we worked together to get the campaign up and running.

Darren W. Swansea, GB

Great job, thank you!

Irfan K. City of London, GB

Sandeep was very easy to work with, is clearly very knowledgable in his field and had the project completed within a timely manner. Would definitely work with him again!

Thomas H. Portsmouth, GB

Sandeep works quickly and professionally and delivers results Will use again

Michael K. Bath, GB

Great guy, provided excellent support and advice.

Bill D. Sandhurst, GB

Sandeep was very clear and efficient, will definitely use him again

Troy H. London, GB

Great work, very knowledgeable

Aaron G. Royal Leamington Spa, GB

Extremely helpful and supportive, very patient!

Ascesis M. Bournemouth, GB

Sandeep was so helpful. He really talked us through the process and advised us on what to do when we were unsure. Would highly recommend!

Charlotte D. Kingston upon Thames, GB

Great work much appreciated

Amy C. Las Vegas, NM, US

As always very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.


Sandeep was really helpful and knows his stuff. Highly recommended.

Keith S. Hanslope, GB